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Report: Samsung and LG scale back microLED production

Prohibitive costs cause top display companies to rethink their microLED plans

Reports are emerging that two of the display industry’s biggest names are rethinking their investment in microLED. News that Samsung and LG are scaling back microLED production shouldn’t come as a surprise, as the companies have recently canceled several high-cost microLED display products. While the technology offers a host of benefits over traditional OLED, advancements still need to be made to make microLED accessible to the masses.

Startup breaks record with 6,800 PPI microLED display

“According to reports from Korea and Taiwan, both Samsung Display and LG Display have decided to slow down their microLED business plans,” writes Ron Mertens of

Reports note that Taiwan-based manufacturers are still interested in continuing development of the technology, as are Chinese businesses as a whole. While Samsung is slowing down microLED production, it is continuing to research the display type, most likely in order to make production more cost-effective before scaling up once more.

“Samsung Display will continue to invest in microLED R&D, but has delayed plans to expand production,” says Mertens. “LG Display has already reduced the size of its microLED R&D teams and is looking into deploying some of its microLED developers into the OLED side of its business.”






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