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Rokid’s AR glasses give you a 215-inch virtual screen, anywhere

Weighing only only 2.6 oz, the Rokid Max AR glasses are available for preorder

Chinese company Rokid is looking to join its competitors in the AR glasses space by launching the Rokid Max AR, a pair of lightweight glasses that give you access to a giant, 215 inch virtual display.

Weighing only 2.6 oz, the Rokid Max ARs feature two Sony Full HD (1920 x 1080) micro-LED panels with a 120Hz refresh rate, keeping your virtual display experience crisp and smooth. Since these glasses are designed to be worn for long lengths at at time, they feature blue light filtration and (the company claims) a 90% reduction of front light leakage to keep your experience comfortable as well as private from those around you.

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HDCP support means connectivity is easy, allowing for a no-hassle experience when you want to cast media to the device. Audio is handled by two directional speakers that have been built into the arms of the glasses, and two microphones with noise-canceling tech are included should you desire voice control options. A USB-C port provides ease of connectivity to other devices, as well as charging, and there is an option for a wireless adapter as well.

The Rokid Max AR is currently available for pre-order for $439, though this may be a limited-time offer, as the list price is $599. Shipping is expected to begin in late April.

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