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WATCH: See the future of Teams

Microsoft Teams hybrid meetings will blend the remote and the physical in elegant--and hardware--intensive ways.

Microsoft sees larger screens, spatial audio, eye-level cameras, ceiling mics (things that Pro AV has provided for years). But better late than never.

Microsoft might deliver some of this hardware: the company started selling Intelligent Speakers for Teams recently, which are designed to not only focus on who is speaking–up to 10 unique speakers– but also translate and transcribe meetings.

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“Hybrid work represents the biggest shift to how we work in our generation,” says Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, in a LinkedIn post outlining the company’s approach. “And it will require a new operating model, spanning people, places, and processes.” Microsoft is releasing a playbook for businesses looking to adopt a hybrid model, with data and research it has conducted during the pandemic.

“In fact, at Microsoft, meeting recordings are the fastest-growing content type,” reveals Nadella. “Employees now expect all meeting information — whether that’s recordings, transcripts, or highlights — to be available on demand, and on double speed, at a time that works for them.”



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