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Sightful’s AR laptop comes with a 100 inch virtual screen

Tel Aviv-based startup Sightful is looking to change what our understanding of a laptop is with their upcoming Spacetop, an augmented reality device that essentially runs like a laptop, but with no screen. In its place is a pair of AR glasses that are tethered to the device, which its self is designed to pretty much resemble the lower half of a traditional laptop. Once the user puts on the glasses, they will have access to a huge, 100 inch virtual display.

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The Spacetop features a traditional keyboard and touchpad, while Sightful promises over 5 hours of battery life. The laptop’s hardware isn’t super impressive for its price point, as Qualcom’s Snapdragon 365 processor is several years old now. However, the giant virtual display means more screen real estate as well as enhanced privacy, as you’ll be the only one who can see it. 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage come standard, as does a 2560×1920 webcam and a fingerprint reader, which is appealing for those security-minded users.

An exact date for Spacetop’s release isn’t currently available, but is expected to be within the next few months. Those interested in the device can currently sign up for early access, which will run $2,000.

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