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Sonos Roam review roundup

The consumer press is weighing in on the Sonos Roam.

The Sonos Roam review roundup has started in from the consumer press. Here’s a sampling.

FROM CNET: Sonos Roam review: A good speaker in a small package
The Sonos Roam is small, lightweight and fairly affordable at $169 (for a Sonos speaker anyway). Sonos calls it the best ultraportable wireless speaker ever made. So, is it? David Carnoy has the full review. [email protected]


FROM THE VERGE: Sonos Roam: Portable Potential
The tiny, lightweight speaker has a ton of functionality, but don’t expect sound quality miracles, says Chris Welch. [email protected] Verge

FROM ENGADGET: Sonos Roam: The right speaker at the right price
Nathan Ingraham expected the Roam to be small, but I was still struck by just how tiny it feels. The triangular speaker is just over six and a half inches tall and weighs less than a pound. If Sonos wanted to make something that people could take anywhere without thinking about it, they succeeded. I’ve brought it all over the house as well as out (on the few occasions I’ve been able to leave the house lately, anyway). [email protected]

FROM CNET: The Sonos Roam is a great portable speaker with serious smarts
Michael Andronico says that like the Move, the Roam can connect to Bluetooth to let you jam out to your favorite songs on the go, and to Wi-Fi when you’re at home to connect to the Sonos app and sync up with whatever litany of Sonos devices you might already have. This results in a highly versatile smart speaker that pumps out way bigger sound than its tiny frame might suggest — as long as you don’t mind living with some of the quirks that come with being in the Sonos ecosystem. [email protected]

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