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The old MacBook Pro keyboard is back

iFixit confirms that the long butterfly nightmare is over

new macbook pro keyboard

The old MacBook key scissor switches are back; the new MacBook Pro keyboard is the old MacBook Pro keyboard. The new 16-inch MacBook Pro will no longer sport those easily-broken butterfly switch mechanisms. Apple is finally switching back to the more reliable scissor-style switches it’s used in the past.

And iFixit’s teardown of the new laptop confirms this in detail. Indeed the scissor switches appear to be the same as the ones Apple uses its standalone Magic Keyboards, first introduced in 2015. So similar in fact that iFixit says the keys are interchangeable.

Also: Apple Pro Display XDR is coming in December and can rotate portrait/landscape.

So ends a multi-year conflict between Apple and it’s customers; many redesigns, and finally a extended warranty olive branch.

For more details on the keyboard and more images see iFixit’s closeups.

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