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transformé uses projection mapping to capture humanity’s empathy and courage

For the first time, multiple VR works have been reformatted and combined to provide an 80-minute journey through the universe

Eight works originally designed to be experienced in VR have been reimagined, reformatted,  and combined into an immersive 80 minute journey titled transformé. The projection-mapped experience is housed at the Oasis Immersion art center in Montreal, Canada, and showcases eight works that focus on the power of empathy and courage within the human condition.

Among the eight stories displayed for the first time in a 360-degree projection-mapped experience is Goliath, a production which took home the grand prize for VR at the 78th Venice Film Festival.

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“The transformé exhibition sprang from a desire to explore the idea of converging individual-based virtual reality immersion with our own Oasis brand of collective immersion, for the purpose of building a narrative around shifting our perspective to others’ point of view, so we may recognize how powerful a force courage and empathy are in our lives. More concretely, the transformé immersive walkthrough per se tells compelling stories, layered over rich visuals and sounds and spectacular installations, which we believe speak to our times,” explains Denys Lavigne, CEO and cofounder of OASIS immersion.

“Developing transformé was the fruit of a unique collaboration involving our creative and technical teams and a group of talented virtual reality artists. It was a painstaking process at the storytelling, technical and research levels through working with AI and creating the show’s soundscape. I’d like to thank everyone for their commitment and openness to exploring digital creation in bold new ways. To a certain extent, this show is a tribute to their work and the transformative power of immersion,” adds Julie Castonguay, Executive Producer at OASIS immersion.


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