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Tron-ify yourself at Disney World’s upcoming attraction

"My disk is everything, Sam. It's the master key, the golden ticket. The way out."

You may be a few years away from taking a trip inside a computer mainframe, but Disney will soon be offering the next best thing in the form of personalized Tron action figures, according to a recent release by Disney Parks.

In support of the upcoming opening of Disney World’s Tron Lightcycle / Run (which has already opened at Shanghai Disney), attendees to the attraction will be able to have their own face uploaded into a Tron figure’s visor, via a hidden LCD screen built into the model. What’s more, the figure supports up to six lines of recorded dialogue that you can record. Finally, you’ll be able to see and hear your face and voice speeding on a lightcycle, though maybe not quite at the scale that you’d prefer.

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The action figures are customized using the attraction’s Tron Identity Program, which will store your face and voice on an “identity chip” which will be easily swappable in and out of upcoming merchandise, including models of lightcycles and identity disks.

If you’re interested, Disney World will begin taking Tron Identity Program reservations beginning March 21st, with a customized figure costing $90.

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