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Video Capture Dongles Buyers’ Guide

by Jan Ozer, Streaming Media

Any event captured with a camera can easily be live-streamed. There are myriad technical options for doing this, from encoders attached to (or even inside) the camera to dedicated standalone appliances. One of the most popular production setups is a notebook running a video mixer connected to the camera via a capture dongle, which is inexpensive and provides access to titling, transitions, and special effects that add a professional touch. You’ve got the notebook and software; now you need the dongle, which can cost anywhere from $40 or so to over $700. MORE@Streaming Media

WHY THIS MATTERS: This buyer’s guide compiled by Jan Ozer at Streaming Media will help guide your purchase decision, covering decision points such as USB 1-4 vs. Thunderbolt 1-3; VGA vs. DVI vs NDI; charging, UVC compatibility; and some suggestions for hardware. -Cynthia Wisehart


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