WATCH: Banksy really meant to shred the whole painting

The embedded shredder "worked every time in rehearsal"
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In an accidental collision of art and commerce, the ironic street artist Banksy pulled a double negative of irony--intentionally? or not?. As the gavel falls on the $1.37m sale of his Girl With Balloon, a built in shredder triggers to destroy the buyer's investment in the blink of an eye. 


As is so often the case with installed equipment, it failed for the first time ever when it really mattered, only half-shredded the painting and in the process probably doubling the buyers' money. But, since this is Banksy don't rule out the triple-entendre. Or that the mysterious Banksy may have himself been the buyer. 

More importantly, watch below to see exactly how he built the thing, and the surprise reveal at Southeby's.   



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