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WATCH: Humanoid robot trains for position at BMW plant

Autonomous, AI-powered robots speak and learn tasks for manufacturing facility

At the beginning of this year, AI-driven robotics company Figure AI announced that it would deploy its line of humanoid robots at BMW manufacturing facilities . The company has just released a new video, titled “Figure Status Update-BMW Full Use Case,” demonstrating what Figure robots have been working on on their journey to full deployment.

WATCH: Humanoid robot relies on camera network to navigate the world around it

The video notes that the footage is of a 100% autonomous, AI-driven robot, called Figure 01. This means every action the robot is taking, it is doing on its own, after learning proper procedures via a neural network. While it is still certainly slow, Figure 01 does carry out some impressive tasks and demonstrates reasoning, correctly identifying when it has made a mistake, and adjusting accordingly.

Figure 01 will eventually be able to carry on a conversation, and respond to vocal commands, as evidenced in another video released by the company. In “Figure Status Update – OpenAI Speech-to-Speech Reasoning,” Figure 01 uses an eerily human voice to converse, correctly identifying an apple as the only edible item on the table in front of it, and providing the apple when a human asks for something to eat.

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