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WATCH: Invisible power delivery through glass

A new product called Power-Tap Glass conducts both electricity and data signals without any visible wires.

Glass tables can elevate a corporate space but can also reveal unaesthetic infrastructure. Power-Tap Glass maybe the answer.

Created by UK-based Cohda Design and glassmaker NSG Pilkington, Power-Tap (P-Tap) Glass is made up of several layers of conductive and non-conductive glass sheets laminated into a single pane that still remains completely transparent, but with the added benefit that electricity can flow freely through it. It can power computers, lamps, and even charge a smartphone with just a single cable coming out of the desk’s leg plugged into an outlet that can be easily camouflaged.

Each piece of the glass acts as a kind of big flat power cord; the outlets tap into the various conductive layers to pass electricity onto attached devices. So it’s not like a charged wireless surface but it’s still a slick look.

Cohda Design has licensed the technology to companies like Zytronic whose ElectroglaZ is expected to see availability as early as next year, if not sooner.

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