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WATCH: Magic Leap and Spotify enable BGM soundscapes that tie to a room

Magic Leap and Spotify are now live in Magic Leap World.

Magic Leap, as you may be aware, is the venture capital darling of VR headsets and has been around the edges of the world’s fair and theme park world looking for a way in. At the same time they are active in Consumerland as well.

This latest integration with the Spotify app is just plain cool and may even suit some of your work applications–think nightclub. It’s a whole new way of thinking about BGM for sure.

The idea is “location aware” playlists, which can also be 3D augmented reality if you’ve got the glasses on your face.

The app is spatially aware, so you can pin recently played artists, albums or tracks to specific locations in your home or building. And because content builds over time, you can collect and curate the perfect playlists or soundscape for each room in your space.

Here’s the Magic Leap and Spotify Demo

looking glass factoryWATCH NEXT: Brooklyn-based Looking Glass Factory debuts an 8K 60 interactive display

Spotify is the first experience in Magic Leap World to work with the company’s Background Music Service (BMS)

The integration with Spotify brings a major streaming music platform to Magic Leap One Developers can use the BMS to build applications that play audio in the background, even when users switch to other apps. The app also works with Overture in Landscape, so you can quickly and easily control your music when you’re working in a different app.

Magic Leap has big plans for spatial computing, and for bringing podcasts, audiobooks and music to life. For example, this year festival-goers at the animation industry’s flagship convention, the Siggraph Computer Animation Festival were invited to put on a Magic Leap One headset and discover the story of Frankenstein through the eyes of a young Mary Shelley.

The company has also announced a new partnership new partnership with the RSC, (that’s the Royal Shakespeare Company) working together to build unforgettable theatrical experiences using spatial computing, including a ‘tabletop theatre’ performance of the Seven Ages of Man speech from As You Like It.

looking glass factoryWATCH NEXT: Brooklyn-based Looking Glass Factory debuts an 8K 60 interactive display


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