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WATCH: Samsung backs an artificial smart window that mimics natural sunlight

SunnyFive is the company's latest C-Lab venture

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Samsung’s in-house creative incubator C-Lab has revealed its latest batch of company-backed startups. One of the most relevant to us is an artificial window that mimics the appearance — and benefits — of natural light.

SunnyFive is described by the company as “a window-shaped lighting device that produces artificial sunlight, allowing the user to enjoy the full spectrum of light produced by the sun’s natural passage through the sky during the day. Helps users synthesize vitamin D while they are indoors or in low-lit places without having to worry about skin aging or sunburn, and allows for brightness and color adjustment via the app.”

As reported on The Vergethe SunnyFive (originally named Sunnyside) window changes the angle of the projected light throughout the day to create authentic sunrise, dawn, dusk and sunset scenarios.

So it’s essentially a SAD lamp with geolocation processing to imitate your regional sun cycle. And it’s shaped like a window. Will that improve our mental health and well-being. Maybe?

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