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WATCH: The rise and fall of Adobe Flash

A great history of the player we love to hate

You may not know the name FutureSplash Animator, but you certainly know the software it birthed

Technically speaking, the technology will live on. The Flash authoring tool is part of Adobe Animate, while the rendering engine is included in Adobe AIR—which will be handed over to enterprise electronics company Harman International for ongoing maintenance, as it’s still widely used in the enterprise arena. But it’s safe to say that, after a decade in decline, Flash as we know it is about to say goodbye.

In recognition of its service to content creators and consumers of all stripes, of its contribution to the proliferation of online video and multimedia, and of that divisiveness that’s followed the platform around, the time has come to revisit the rise and fall of Flash—with a little help from its principal creator, Jonathan Gay; a raft of Web resources; and interviews with others who had a hand in its ultimate success. MORE@Ars Technica

WHY THIS MATTERS: This brief, messy history put together by Richard C. Moss  is a blast to read. It’s sprinkled with some artifacts of the story and when you’re done, you’ll be ready to say a proper farewell. -Cynthia Wisehart

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