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WATCH: This $400,000 folding 165-inch MicroLED TV disappears into the floor

The 165-inch C Seed M1 MicroLED tV is some flash gear that looks like an installation nightmare.

The 165-inch C SEED M1 is a massive folding display that completely disappears into the floor when not in use. Yep–installation nightmare.

Unlike the rollable LG screens that disappear into boxes and cabinets, C SEED is microLED, so no backlight needed and hence the slimmer profile can come in and out of your floor like something in a Cirque du Soleil set. But–they can’t fold, And so to make a 165-inch TV disappear into the floor, C SEED has instead designed the M1 to first separate into five separate panels that fold into each other like a giant fan.

C SEED also promises a feature called Adaptive Gap Calibration, which senses when panels have slight offsets and automatically adjusts the brightness of edge pixels to hide any shadows that create seam lines.

The C SEED M1, available in gold, black, or titanium finishes; it’s $400K, plus whatever renovations are required (if there is room below to store it). If you don’t have the necessary real estate, it can also come in a giant box that it can collapse into.


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