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June 2009 New Products: Audio

June 2009 New Products: Audio


Kramer’s VP-727A high-performance 8×2 audio switcher for balanced stereo audio signals can switch any input to either the preview or program output, suiting it for presentations that require an audio preview option. According to the company, the unit is designed for live, staged events, as well as projection systems with sound in conference rooms, auditoriums, hotels, and houses of worship. The VP-727A adds an audio component to the Kramer VP-727xl and the VP-272 In-CTRL switchers. It operates in conjunction with the VP-727T presentation switcher control panel and features eight unbalanced stereo audio inputs on RCA connectors, along with three program outputs. Price: $1,995. Kramer Electronics. 888-275-6311.



The AT-HDAiR wireless USB to HDMI or VGA converter from Atlona Technologies is XP- and Vista-compatible and allows users to wirelessly connect any USB-enabled computer or laptop to any HDTV or projector via VGA or HDMI. Designed to transmit high-resolution content up to 30 feet at resolutions up to 720p or 1440×1200, the converter is suited to consumer or commercial applications. According to the company, the AT-HDAiR uses chip sets developed by Wisair to transmit USB protocol over ultrawideband frequencies. Price: $199. Atlona Technologies. 877-536-3976.



The new MP-B10 (10-button) and MP-B20 (20-button) push-button panels from Crestron are designed for installation in a wall or podium. Available in white or black, the compact units fit in a three-gang box and have programmable hard-key buttons that can be configured for a variety of functions, such as system power, input source selection, and lighting presets. A continuous-turn knob and LED bar graph allow volume and other parameter control. A built-in IR receiver supports Crestron IR wireless touch panels and hand-held remotes, while an integrated light sensor can be programmed to control the backlight intensity or provide ambient lighting level data to the control system. Prices: MP-B10, $450; MP-B20, $500. Crestron. 800-237-2041.


The new Intelix S-V1CP ultracompact extender distributes Composite video, power, and data over a single twisted-pair cable, the company says. Well suited for security and monitoring applications, the S-V1CP transmits video and data up to 1,000 feet, and power up to 650 feet over standard, UTP cabling. With both male and female DIN power connectors, the extender provides built-in wave filtering, as well as surge protection. Price: $35. Intelix. 866-462-8649.


The new S-V16R from Intelix is the first in a new line of security extender products. It receives up to 16 channels of video from remote Intelix video-over-twisted-pair transmitters, automatically adjusts signal brightness and sharpness, and distributes the video to dual BNC outputs. The S-V16AR’s 16 slots house individual channel modules (S-V16AR-MOD), which allow integrators to purchase only the number of video channels necessary, says the company. Each module processes the video–adjusting color, brightness, contrast, and sharpness–and splits it into two BNC outputs, so that two monitoring devices can be connected simultaneously. Price: S-V16R, $550; S-V16AR-MOD, $100. Intelix. 866-462-8649.


Gefen’s new 2×2 Switcher for HDMI v1.3 gives plug-and-play access to two video sources from two displays using the HDMI v1.3 format, according to the company. With support for such features as deep color, lip sync, DTS Master Audio, and Dolby True HD, the switcher offers a method of systems integration, while HDCP compliance and CEC pass-through capability ensure compatibility with current HD systems. The switcher supports resolutions up to 1080p full HD, and will connect to Blu-ray players, set-top boxes, gaming consoles, and any other device that uses the HDMI format to connect to a display. Two HDMI inputs and two mirrored HDMI outputs are supplied. Price: $349. Gefen. 800-545-6900.


The MediaMatrix ControlMatrix integrated hardware and software system has been redesigned for more streamlined configuration and installation, according to Peavey. ControlMatrix is a paging control system for the company’s digital audio systems and can be designed as either a centralized, distributed, or hybrid system. The new version supports up to 16 stations per host; the number of hosts can be scaled according to the total number of stations needed. The Windows-based ControlMatrix provides system management for multiple live, prerecorded, and dynamic messaging and paging functions, while button management, audio routing, and up to 99 levels of priority assignments open the door for customization. Price: Contact vendor. MediaMatrix. 601-486-1293.



Kramer’s new TP-125 transmitter and TP-126 receiver both manage computer graphics, audio, and RS-232 signals using twisted-pair technology, and join the company’s TOOLS line of compact products. Befitting presentation and multimedia applications, the TP-125 and TP-126 are designed for long-range data distribution in schools, hospitals, and security and retail applications. The TP-125 transmitter converts computer graphics video, unbalanced stereo analog audio, and RS-232 control commands to a twisted-pair signal, transmitting them over Cat-5 to the TP-126. The receiver converts the signals back to their original formats. Prices: $495 each. Kramer Electronics. 888-275-6311.


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