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NSCA Names Whitlock Instructor of the Year

which he presented during InfoComm 09.

NSCA Names Whitlock Instructor of the Year

which he presented during InfoComm 09.

Bill Whitlock

The National Systems Contractors Association (NSCA) has named Bill Whitlock of Jensen Transformers as its Instructor of the Year for the NSCA University College of Technical Knowledge. Whitlock was selected based on student evaluations of his course, “AV System Noise and Ground Loops,” which he presented during InfoComm 09.

Whitlock’s course, which has evolved over his 15 years of teaching, shows students how to avoid or troubleshoot and cure so-called “ground-loop” hum and buzz problems in new or existing audio systems, and “hum bar” problems in video systems. Students learn how interference from the power line or other sources couples in audio and video signal paths.

“Bill is a great representative for the audio world,” said NSCA executive director Chuck Wilson, in a statement. “He provides practical insight and expertise into systems most commonly associated with our industry. He provides real-world answers to real-world questions. We are pleased to honor him with the Instructor of the Year.”

Whitlock has designed professional AV electronics since 1972 and became president and chief engineer of Jensen Transformers in 1989. His lectures, seminars, and writings have helped thousands decipher the mysteries of grounding and interfacing, says the organization. He is a Life Fellow of the Audio Engineering Society, a Life Senior Member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, and holds several patents.

“Grounding and signal interfacing remain murky ‘black art’ issues for most professionals,” said Whitlock in a statement. “I’m very gratified that my work to debunk myth and hype while teaching the real science about this subject is being recognized. I believe NSCA University is the best education program in the industry and I’m very proud to work with them.”

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