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Q & A: Digital Signage

I want to install digital signage in various buildings and retail locations in New York City. To make the system profitable, I want to digitally display advertisements from advertisers...


5-Minute Interview: Mark Terry

Mark Terry, president, Harman Pro Group, Harman International Industries. Terry recently hosted Harman Pro's annual Business & Technology Conference where the group laid out a multi-brand integration strategy that...


Reasons For Change

At a recent gathering of industry leaders hosted by the National Systems Contractors Association (NSCA), the trends affecting our industry were examined so that the organization could plan its...


AV Industry Certifications

Although certifications are available for both pro AV and related low-voltage industries, we need to educate our potential clients about their existence, meaning, and value.


Making A Case For Media Streaming

Using streaming media, your clients can provide high-quality communications for about 1.5 cents per minute and eliminate lost time and travel expenses. Debunk the misconceptions and make a case...


The Science Of Line Arrays

With the right education, today's modern tools, and sophisticated calculation software, there's relatively little guesswork required to successfully fly a line array and achieve consistent coverage every time.


Navigating Lans, Mans, And Wans

How prepared are you to deliver projects across IP and ISDN networks? Connecting multiple endpoints, troubleshooting the installation, and providing on-site logistics are all a part of balancing quality...


The Paper Chase

Electronic paper vendors see color as one way to grab a bigger share of the booming digital signage market.


Eight Great Audio Values

Extremely reliable, multifunctional, or nearly indestructible, these products have been selected by AV pros as the ?best value? audio products in the industry.


The VC Divide

As more videoconferencing vendors enhance their existing group lines with new desktop systems and software, the future of the traditional videoconferencing market is in flux. With different applications and...


Q & A: Audio System Speakers

My customer has requested an audio system with loudspeakers that can be permanently installed in an outdoor environment near the ocean in the Northeast United States. This makes most...


5-Minute Interview: Michael Descoteau

Director of Broadcast Services, Masque Sound. Descoteau was recently appointed to his position at Masque Sound, an East Rutherford, NJ-based audio systems provider that offers turnkey sound reinforcement solutions...


Quality Matters

Moving sheer volume is the number one goal of the mass retailers, bringing with it inevitable price-cutting, margin erosion, and commoditization, which is inherent with this strategy.

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Introducing Flipside AV

There is a new name in the UK’s AV installation market – Flipside AV. The new brand is a result of the changing business model for the popular London-based systems integrator,...