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WATCH: Human Interface goes inside the F-15C fighter’s cockpit

It's a kind of show control

Welcome to the pilot episode of “Human Interface,” a new Ars Technica series they’re kicking off wherein we take you up close and personal with complex systems and have an expert explain what all the buttons and switches do. They’re kicking off the series with a look at a McDonnell Douglas F-15C Eagle, one of the world’s most famous air superiority fighters. The F-15C and its variants are in service with multiple air forces around the world, including the United States, Japan, and Israel, and the aircraft has an outstanding combat record—across all its deployments and operators, air-superiority F-15s like the F-15C have racked up more than 100 air-to-air kills and zero losses. [email protected] Technica

WHY THIS MATTERS: We’re not the only industry with buttons and switches. -Cynthia Wisehart

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