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A high-resolution, ultra-low latency digital KVM (keyboard, video, mouse) extender or matrix, the ADDERLink XDIP from Adder Technology provides a 100-meter extension on Cat-X cable. The unit can operate point-to-point or on a local 1GbE network, sending up to a 1920x1200 video stream, USB2.0 and 2-channel audio over a single Cat-X cable. A very handy feature is the feed-through port, which allows a user station to switch between a local and remote computer. Powering options include PoE and an external power source.



Adder Technology AdderLink LPV

Adder Technology AdderLink LPVJul 18, 2010 3:41 PM Adder Technology AdderLink LPV The AdderLink LPV is a new range of line-powered video extenders from Adder Technology that allows users to install reliable low-cost digital signage. The product has been designed to deliver more


Adder CCS-PRO8

The Adder CCS-PRO8 allows operators to control up to eight machines across eight displays using just one mouse and keyboard. It is ideal for improving ergonomics in a control setting where space is at a premium or management of multiple computers from one station is required. more


Adder XD150FX

The Adder XD150FX is a high-performance, point-to-point fiber extender with USB 2.0 that can transmit high-quality video—up to 2560x1600—and analog audio over a duplex fiber optic cable. The extender enables users to locate critical computing hardware away from workspaces in an more