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Adder Technology AdderView DDX30 matrix switcher

Has a choice of DVI and DisplayPort transmitters and provides up to 1920x1200 resolutions at 60FPS without loss

Adder Technology’s AdderView DDX30 matrix is compact, has a choice of DVI and DisplayPort transmitters, and provides up to 1920×1200 resolutions at 60FPS without loss. With extension distances of up to 50 meters, over a single standard Cat-X cable, it also features transparent EDID management, full-speed USB, and an intuitive GUI with Multiview thumbnail display. The KVM matrix also provides 30 ports that can be shared and flexibly scaled between users and computers, allowing users to simply program pre-set configurations at the touch of a button. The end result being that multiple users can use presets to easily switch between multiple computer sources.

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