AFL Telecom Introduces Splicer V-Groove Cleaning Kit

AFL Telecommunications' new Splicer V-Groove cleaning kit integrates eight components into an affordable and effective inspection and cleaning kit for any fusion splicer
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AFL Telecom Introduces Splicer V-Groove Cleaning Kit

Nov 27, 2006 8:00 AM

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AFL Tele
' new Splicer V-Groove cleaning kit integrates eight components into an affordable and effective inspection and cleaning kit for any fusion splicer.

Today's splicing equipment is fast, efficient, and requires minimal maintenance due to advances in splicing technology. However, contamination in the V-groove of the splicer is still a primary source of trouble for the splicing technician. This is especially problematic when splicing with a fixed V-groove fusion splicer. Environmental contamination, such as dust, dirt, and fiber-coating debris, as well as the silica deposits generated during the fusion process, eventually find their way to the surface of the V-groove. This contamination will offset the fibers and degrade performance.

To help control this problem, a disciplined cleaning regimen and specific tooling is required to ensure the splice is right the first time. The new cleaning kit aims to meet this requirement. Small and lightweight, it fits easily into the Fujikura splicer transit case, or it can be carried separately in its own carrying case. The kit includes a scrubber brush with stiff tapered nylon bristles, a sweeper brush with soft nylon bristles, an eye loupe with 3X to 12X magnification, an LED pen light with momentary or constant-on switching, nonflammable and environmentally safe cleaning fluid, lint-free cotton swabs, an illustrated instruction sheet, and a canvas carrying case.

To replenish the consumables within the kit, AFL provides a refill kit that includes the following components: one can of FPF1 cleaning fluid, one scrubber brush, one sweeper brush, and 10 packs CS-1 cotton swabs (250 swabs).

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