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Altinex AV System Control Packages

AV system control packages from Altinex.

Altinex AV System Control Packages

Dec 14, 2011 9:58 AM

Altinex AV system control packages

Altinex has announced two AV system control packages. The Control Package #1 consists of the CP500-110 Neutron controller, the AC301-109 EDID blaster/IR learner, the CP450-007 MultiTouch control panel with a 7in. touchscreen, and AVSnap programming software for system configuration. This systems’ Neutron controller provides two RS-232 bi-directional ports, two IR ports, two relay ports, and two sensor ports. The Altinex Control Package #2 is intended for larger AV system designs. This offering includes the CP500-100 Neutron controller, the CP450-008 MultiTouch control panel with an 8in. screen, and the company’s AVSnap programming software. The Neutron controller included with this package provides eight RS-232 bi-directional ports, eight IR ports, eight relay ports, and eight sensor ports. Price: $2,149 (Package #1), $2,990 (Package #2)

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