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Altinex CNK600 Cable Nook

The Altinex CNK600 Cable Nook interconnect box and the SP2116SC and SP2117SC customizable interconnect plates are designed for use in boardrooms and conference rooms. The CNK600 Cable Nook provides an effective means of hiding/ storing multimedia cables and connectors when not in use and provides quick, easy access to those connectors when needed. The SP2116SC and SP2117SC interconnect plates designed for use with the CNK600 Cable Nook provide a wealth of connectivity options, including ports for audio, video, network access, USB charging, AC power, and more. Designed for installation into a meeting room tabletop, the Altinex CNK600 features a black, brushed aluminum finish that blends well with any meeting room décor. To access the cables or connectors, one simply lifts the lid and pulls the desired cable end out. After the presentation, the cable ends are retracted to the Cable-Nook for safe storage.

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