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Analog Way Provides 8K Solution for Digital Projection at NAB 2018

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Analog Way partnered with Digital Projection, Inc. (DPI) to showcase DPI’s new INSIGHT LASER 8K projector at NAB 2018. Analog Way’s Picturall media server and VIO 4K multi-format converters enabled the 8K projector to input conventional sources and display multi-window content to convention-goers.

The INSIGHT LASER 8K projector was the centerpiece of DPI’s exhibit at NAB. The flagship projector, the latest in the INSIGHT product line, occupies an elite class all its own. It provides an ultra-high resolution of 7680 X 4320 pixels through 25,000 lumens of solid-state laser-phosphor illumination. Its 33 million pixel 8K resolution is the equivalent of four 4K images or 16 HD images.

DPI previously partnered with Analog Way at InfoComm 2017 and other industry trade shows. “The products Analog Way develops give us flexibility in the marketplace,” said DPI’s Trey Richardson.

Analog Way supplies 8K processing for the massive wrap-around display at New York City’s 20 Times Square, which showcases The NFL Experience. The giant video canvas represents more than 17,000 square feet of LED display technology.

For DPI’s NAB exhibit Analog Way’s Picturall media server fed the INSIGHT 8K projector and manage content. VIO 4K was converted via DisplayPort to SDI as well as switched between Picturall and other 8K sources.

Analog Way also drove additional DPI exhibits at NAB featuring the E-Vision 4K and HIGHlite 4K projectors and the Radiance direct view LED wall.



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