Arista RS-123 Rack Mount Extender

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arista rs-123

The RS-123 Rack Mount Extender/ Computer from Arista is a 19-inch, 1RU rack mount chassis that can house two inter-connected modules. The RS-123 is available in two configurations: transmitter and receiver. The signal transmitter configuration combines the Arista ARD-1006-A07-TX transmitter with the company’s MicroBox-1100A-E01 computer module. With the HDBaseT 2.0 transmitter and computer installed in the RS-123 chassis, the computer display can be extended up to 330 feet away. The ARD-1006-A31-TX AV over IP transmitter and the MicroBox-1100A-E01 computer can be used to switch the computer display to different LCD monitors. For the receiver configuration, the RS-123 configuration combines the Arista ARD-1006-A07-RX receiver with Arista’s AMP-1006-S04 splitter module. 




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