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Astro Spatial Audio SARA

The Astro Spatial Audio SARA audio rendering engine is an immersive 3D audio tool for live and entertainment venues. Using state-of-the-art advancements in 3D audio and acoustic technology, the system delivers a true 3D experience, making it ideal for performing arts facilities such as theaters, opera houses, concert venues, theme parks, and worship spaces. The compact Astro Spatial Audio System facilitates directional production of sounds and acoustic environments without the audience being restricted to preferred seats. Productions can be scaled up or down to different rooms or loudspeaker configurations, free of audible artifacts such as phasing or comb filtering. This is accomplished via an intuitive user interface, an extended sweet spot, and several features for real-time movement and positioning of sound objects. The system includes a unique object-based interactive acoustic room simulation tool so the effect can be adapted to specific requirements such as speech intelligibility or concert acoustics. 

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