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Audio Technica ATUC-50

The Audio Technica ATUC-50 system is designed for intuitive operation and plug-and-play functionality. The system provides 24-bit/48 kHz uncompressed digital audio at a cost-effective price point, including multi-mode operation, 12-band feedback suppressor, ability to record a meeting directly to a mass storage device on the front of the control unit and interpretation channels. Two gooseneck lengths are available: the ATUC-M43H 17” (430 mm) and ATUC-M58H 23” (580 mm) microphones, allowing for added flexibility in terms of positioning. Employing standard Cat5 (and above) cables, a complete system can support up to 3 ATUC-50CU control units and 150 ATUC-50DU discussion units can be connected in either daisy chain or ring topology (for added redundancy) and controlled from any web browser with no need for additional software installation. Configuration via Web Remote Control is simple and quick, with settings able to be stored as presets for easy recall.

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