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Installed Ceiling Speakers 2020: Tech Roundup

Many of the significant advances in speaker design and control technology in recent years have centered on the development of modern pro ceiling speakers systems. They remain one of the most effective and unobtrusive ways to distribute sound in a vast range of environments. Now their output can be physically steered and remotely controlled to perfectly match the system with the building in which they reside.

1. AMK DS84-B represents several of the latest steps forward in ceiling speakers and is a self-amplified system that includes a PoE+ amplified speaker that can power a total of four speakers and three additional passive units with two speakers per audio zone. The AMK DS84-B is Dante audio network addressable to greatly simplify installation and control. Delivering a frequency response of 55 Hz to 20 kHz (± 3dB) with a maximum SPL of 105dB, the system uses a 13mm polyamide hard dome tweeter and a c woofer.

atlas IED ceiling speakers2. AtlasIED FAP33T-W is easy to install with its Safety First Mounting System (SFMS) that prevents damage from over-torquing during the installation process. Power setting can be quickly made using the front-mounted 70V tap selector that features a transformer bypass setting for direct, coupled operation. Prewiring and daisychaining of more speakers and subwoofers is easy using the removable 4-pole Euro-style connector on each one.

biamp ceiling speakers3. Biamp Desono C-IC6 6in. medium mat ceiling speaker has a transformer with a six-position, constant-voltage 70V/100V tap (1.8, 3.8, 7.5, 15, 30, and 60) with an 8-ohm bypass for installation flexibility. Also aiding techs is a reinforced bridge that allows the integrator to carry the speaker up a ladder and mount it with one hand, a blind mount design, and an easy-to-install, removable magnetic grill. When this speaker is used with the AMP-450BP and its “audio locate” feature, the installer can validate cabling and connections with just a simple click.

bogen ceiling speakers4. Bogen HFCS1 and HFCS1B are designed to be installed in either suspended or hard-surfaced ceilings where the large heavy-gauge steel back can and computer-matched dual venting system provide deep bass response. They feature a wide dispersion coaxial driver for good off-axis response. For installation in 16-ohm, 70V, & 100V systems, the speakers are available in an off-white or black finish and the power taps enable a wide range of level settings.

5. Crestron Saros IC6T-W-T-EACH is a 6.5in. 2-way in-ceiling speaker includes a wide-dispersion, horn-loaded 1in. dome tweeter. The multi-tap transformer enables it to be used in 70 and 100V systems and its power handling capacity at 8 ohms is 125W. Producing a frequency response of 50Hz to 20kHz (±3 dB), the model features a “zero-bezel” frameless grille. Simple grille installation relies on powerful magnets and there is a safety tether to prevent the unit from falling through the ceiling.

6. EAW CIS300 is a compact 2-way flush mount that uses a modified HF waveguide for 90Hz to 22kHz response with 4in. LF driver. The design includes a sealed, zinc-coated steel back can and cam-style installation clamps. Concealed behind a hinged metal cover plate, the audio signal connects to a recessed Euroblock terminal with a detachable mating plug. Each unit includes two steel T-Bar support channels to assist installation and a steel split C-ring to disperse the clamping pressure of the mounting cams.

7. Electro-Voice EVID C8.2 features a waveguide-coupled 1in. titanium-coated tweeter combined with an 8 in. polypropylene cone. These cover a 110-degree pattern with a frequency response of 50Hz to 20kHz. The baffle is made of UL 94V-O rated ABS and the back can is zinc-plated steel. The enclosure is capable of 75W continuous power handling and it offers a transformer with a wide range of power taps. The grille is perforated powder-coated steel and it includes a safety tether.

8. Extron CS 1226T Plus is an all-in-one mounting solution 2-way 70-100V SpeedMount ceiling speaker system. The enclosure and speaker cartridge can be purchased as individual components and installed separately to save installation time. The 6.5in. long throw woofer with tuned bass reflex port works with a 3/4in. ferrofluid-cooled dome tweeter. These can use an 8-ohm connection or any of the six transformer power settings available on a selector behind the grille.

9. KLH Audio Maxwell Series M-8602-C of ceiling speakers has a sealed and tuned steel-reinforced enclosure and uses a concentric silk dome tweeter and a 6.5in. fiberglass/Kevlar laminate woofer. This combination enables a frequency response of 50Hz to 20kHz ± 3dB with a recommended amp power of 50-175W peak. Connections are protected by a metal cover on the back can.

10. Klipsch IC-800-T 2-way 8in. speaker with a focused 75-degree pattern and integrated back can is great for high ceiling applications requiring a tight coverage area projected from a distance. The 100 watt, low insertion loss, multitap transformer provides 70-volt, 100-volt or low impedance operation selectable via a front baffle switch located under the grille. This model includes a Tractrix port design for deep bass and smooth linear response.

11. Kramer Electronics Galil 6-C 6.5in. 2-way closed-back ceiling speaker can handle 30W RMS, 80W continuous program power with a wide selection of taps at 70 and 100V. Its polypropylene cone and 0.5in. Mylar dome tweeter produce a frequency response of 95Hz to 20kHz (±3dB) at a continuous SPL of 100.7dB with a 101-degree coverage angle. Suitable for conference rooms, restaurants and classrooms, the speakers are sold in pairs and include a ceiling mounting kit, template and user manual.

12. Lowell Manufacturing ES-8TSUB is a self-contained, ready to install subwoofer, the solution for bringing bass response to the ceiling. The 8in. unit puts out 120W and behind the press-fit grille is a tap with settings for 25V, 70V or 100V speaker systems along with an 8-ohm transformer bypass position. The painted 20 gauge steel back can has reversible mounting dogs and the ported enclosure is tuned for extended low-frequency response.

13. Martin Audio C6.8T, with its 6.5in. LF cone and 0.8in. dome tweeter, features a very wide 150-degree  conical coverage pattern up to 7kHz making it perfect for low ceiling environments. This model is capable of high and low impedance operation and it has Polyswitch and thermal fuse protection. For fixed installation in walls and ceilings, the flush-mounted unit has a steel back can and is UL2043 & UL1480 rated.

14. Niles Audio CM8HD  8in. 2-way ceiling speakers feature a 1in. nano-coated IMPACT dome tweeter that can be pivoted up to 20 degrees and a Butyl rubber surround for the LF driver. There is also a 3-position tweeter level control for precise matching to room acoustics. The magnetically attached rust-resistant grille aids in quick and easy installation. The structure of the 8-ohm unit requires only 4 1/8in. clearance behind a wall or ceiling.

15. OSD Audio ICE630LCR 6.5in. angled LCR Dolby Atmos-ready ceiling speaker is capable of steering its sound within a wide area and fitted with a 1/2in. pivoting dome tweeter working in conjunction with its polypropylene cone woofer. That woofer is set a 15-degree angle allowing listeners to get the distinct effect of sound tracking from one side to the other. This model also works well as rear and side surrounds in a 5.1 or 7.1 system.

16. Polk Audio V80 Vanishing V Series high-performance in-ceiling speakers are practically invisible when installed with the white paintable Polk Wafer-Thin Sheer Grille. Requiring only a 4.125in. installation depth, the speaker teams an 8in. composite polymer cone with a 1in. swivel mount silk dome tweeter. These can be driven by an amplifier from 10W to 100W connected to the unit on gold plated push terminals. Options include a square sheer grille and a fire rated black box.

qsc ceiling speakers17. QSC AcousticDesign Series AD-C6T-LP 6.5in. small format low profile ceiling speaker is great for quick and simple installations in tight places. Designed for background sound reinforcement applications which utilize 70/100V or 16-ohm bypass configurations, the speaker has a 3x double-stepped, long travel dog-ear blind mount system. The DMT (Directivity Matched Transition) waveguide provides smooth coverage over a 130-degree area. The unit’s power rating is 60W and it handles a maximum continuous SPL of 106dB.

18. RBH Sound SI-615 Signature Series ceiling speakers are designed to be used as in-ceiling channels for object-based surround systems. However, this model can also be installed in pairs for high-end stereo listening. The 6.5in. aluminum cone woofer and ¾in. pivoting ring-radiator tweeter work together for a frequency response of 50Hz-20kHz (±3dB). The 8-ohm unit handles 15-120W and its magnetic white steel paintable grille is a perfect color fit anywhere.

19. RCF HS 1026 spotlight paging and background music ceiling speaker has a high pass filter that can be used in conjunction with an optional subwoofer. The adaptable spring hooks and the standard size of the mounting hole allow it to be installed in false ceilings of varying thickness. It can be used in a low impedance configuration or the built-in multi-tapped transformer can be connected in 100/70V systems.

20. Revolution Acoustics Ubiqui-T360 is perfect for suspended ceilings. Its ceiling tile adaptor panel attaches to an existing ceiling tile and accommodates one SSP6 Multiducer and it installs with no tools required. Working with 8-ohm, 70V and 100V systems, the SSP6 produces a frequency response of 150Hz to 20kHz and it can handle up to 200W instantaneous peak power. Maximum continuous power is 24W unenclosed, 15W enclosed.

snapAV ceiling speakers21. Snap AV Episode 800 Commercial Series 70-Volt In-Ceiling Subwoofer has a tile bridge that ships right in the box and makes installation a breeze. The oversized 1.5in. copper voice coil, mica-filled polypropylene woofer and a low-turbulence tube port bring out the bass. A swing-out dog mounting system, security wire tabs, and clamping mounting cover let the enclosure mount easily and tool-free power tap settings get it set up right away.

22. Soundsphere Q-6 is a small weatherproof speaker that provides omnidirectional full-range music and clear voice announcements. Designed for indoor and outdoor installations, the Q-6 generates a hemispherical coverage pattern and it is ready to mount with the hanging kit or mounting bracket. Available in gloss black or textured white, it has a frequency range of 70Hz to 20kHz and handles a maximum RMS power of 30W with its polypropylene cone and .75in. Mylar dome tweeter.

23. SoundTube IPD4-CM52-BGM IP addressable coaxial ceiling speaker can use its output terminal to connect and power up to three additional CM52-BGM speakers. There is one 5.25in. polypropylene woofer with rubber surround and one 0.75in. silk dome tweeter that together produce a frequency response of 67Hz to 20kHz (± 3dB). This model can also be powered via a 24VDC barrel connector for non-PoE installations.

24. Speco Technologies  SP6MATB 6.5in. speaker is part of the Multi-Application Series with a pre-assembled back can and mounted transformer that can easily switch-flip from 25V to 70V operation. The unit is constructed of flame-retardant ABS and the attached metal seismic safety loop and built-in easy mount tabs speed installation. The MA Series speakers are available in black or white and each color comes in either 5.35 or 6.5in enclosure size.

25. Stealth Acoustics LRX-83 3-way expert grade invisible speaker is equipped with a rigid frame that attaches directly to standard structural framing and its paintable active diaphragm face attaches directly to the frame of the speaker panel. Sound is driven by an 8in. cone woofer, 30mm direct-coupled neo-magnet mid-range driver and a direct coupled 25 mm neo-magnet HF driver. Its power handling capacity is 160W RMS and 320W peak. Installable in walls or ceilings, the 8-ohm system exhibits a 170-degree vertical and horizontal coverage pattern.

26. Tannoy CVS 401 4in. coaxial ceiling speaker has wide constant directivity dispersion along with EN 54-24 certification for fire detection and fire alarm systems. The steel cover and strain relief clamping mechanism assure durable performance while the 0.75in. ferrofluid cooled soft dome high-frequency driver delivers brilliant highs. There are power taps for 70V and 100V line systems and an 8-ohm direct input. The powder-coated aluminum mesh grille provides dust protection and a match with room décor.

toa ceiling speakers27. TOA Electronics FB-3862CU-AM is a flush mount subwoofer with a 60W 70/100V transformer and a bandpass design that eliminates the need for a bi-amplified system to enhance the lows on a ceiling speaker system. The input terminals are Phoenix type with parallel outputs and when used in the low impedance mode the unit can handle 100W RMS power. Included are steel support rings, support rails and speaker hole templates.

yamaha ceiling speakers28. Yamaha VXC5F/VXC5FW is a 4.5in. full-range ceiling speaker with direct support for low-impedance or high-impedance connections. Capable of installation in shallow ceiling spaces, this model also features a built-in carrying band and anti-drop mechanism. Double-threaded speaker clamp screws allow for speed installation and there is a paintable grille. The VXC5F is the black version and the VXC5FW comes in a white finish. They are primarily designed for background music applications.

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