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Audix Dante/AES67 Integrated Microphone System

This is an easy-to-install system that consists of two Dante | AES67 microphone interface models and RJ45-equipped versions of Audix’ popular mics including the M3 tri-element hanging microphone; the steerable, flush-mount M70 ceiling microphone; and the M55 hanging ceiling microphone. All microphone functions–including on-off contact closure and LED status indicators–are available through a single CAT5 – CAT7 cable with RJ45 connections at both interface and microphone. At the heart of the Audix Dante | AES67 Integrated Microphone System are the DN4 and DN43 microphone interface units. The DN4 features four inputs for Audix RJ45-equipped, single-element microphones; the DN43 features one microphone input specifically designed for the Audix M3 tri-element microphone, one input for Audix RJ45-equipped, single-element microphones. Both interface models have two 5V logic outputs per port, with source/sink capability for LEDs that are controlled by network-connected DSPs and one logic input per single-element microphone port for buttons. Audio is streamed out over Ethernet using Dante or AES67 protocols. Low-pass and high-pass filter settings are available on each audio channel, as are eight selectable gain levels, with all settings configurable via software.

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