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IK Multimedia releases two-in-one condenser mic and audio interface

IK Multimedia's portable new device looks promising for a flexible recording solution

IK Multimedia has released an an all-in-one portable studio solution for recording on the go in the new iRig Stream Mic Pro. While IK Multimedia is no stranger to mics or audio interfaces, this new condenser mic has a four-channel audio interface built right in.

Designed to be easily transportable, this USB-powered device is aimed at those recording artists, content creators, or podcasters who are looking for added flexibility. The microphone contains two .55″ gold-sputtered condenser capsules for audio clarity, as well as four polar patterns to choose from that allow the mic to conform to the user’s needs. On top of that, there is a built-in high-pass filter with three preset settings.

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The Stream Mic Pro features a simple but intuitive interface to control its options, utilizing a single knob surrounded by LED lights to perform and monitor various functions.  The stereo audio interface features four channels and is compatible with not only Mac and PC, but also iPhones, iPads, and Android phones. A 3.5 mm TS jack/aux input allows the connection of a mixer, soundboard, keyboard, drum machine, or other devices to aid in production with a response time between 10 Hz and 20 kHz. While it is able to be powered directly through USB, an optional DC power supply is available as well.

The Stream Mic Pro comes with IK’s Loopback+ technology built-in to allow the addition of music or effects from an external source while routing the microphone to to a separate app if desired. While the Stream Mic Pro pre-mixes signals into a stereo mix by default, a multichannel mode is available to send up to four channels of audio separately into a DAW or other software.




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