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Shure announces the UniPlex cardiod lavelier mic for isolated speech

UniPlex joins the TwinPlex and Duraplex in Shure's line of subminiature mics

UniPlex family shot of 4 mics

Shure has today unveiled its newest 5mm subminiature cardioid lavalier microphone, UniPlex. Designed for those instances where a unidirectional mic is key to reject stage noise, HVAC, or other possible sound bleeds, UniPlex delivers an isolated audio capture that minimizes feedback. The microphone is also specifically tuned for speech, ensuring crisp, clear sound quality.

Shure has been working hard to deliver gain-before-feedback and high sound quality in their “subminiature” size, as the cardioid microphone element measures only 5 mm. Additionally, the 1.6mm Plex Cable is touted as nearly invulnerable, being the product of 5 years of development. The company says the cable is immune to kinks and memory effects, allowing peace of mind for crews and presenters.

“We knew that the market needed a strong lavalier option that prioritized high-stakes speaking environments with a directional pattern, in a much smaller, cleaner form factor,” said John Born, Associate Director, Microphones, Global Product Management, at Shure. “UniPlex builds on the portfolio by featuring the same Plex technology cable for enhanced durability, yet it focuses on creating clear, isolated sound, ideal for speakers, presenters, and educators alike. We’re excited to introduce UniPlex to our growing suite of exceptional lavaliers and headsets.”

The UniPlex is available in four color options: black, white, tan, and cocoa; as well as three connection types: TA4F, LEMO, and XLR. The UniPlex is available now starting at $299.


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