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Audix Expands Micros Series With Ultra-Lightweight Carbon Fiber MicroBoom

Audix Expands Micros Series With Ultra-Lightweight Carbon Fiber MicroBoom

Nov 1, 2005 5:06 PM

Audix MicroBoom

The Audix Microphone Company has introduced the MicroBoom, a 50in. carbon fiber boom arm that attaches to any microphone stand. Designed as an accessory for the innovative series of miniature condensers called The Micros, The MicroBoom has a diameter of less than .3in. (7.4mm) and weighs in at only 2.5oz. (78 grams). Carbon fiber, which is known for being lightweight, rigid, and durable, is now being used to fabricate parts for race bikes, motorcycles, formula one cars, aerospace, and the military.

The MicroBoom, which can be used either in a horizontal or vertical position, is designed for use with any of the microphones in the Micros series; The M1290 is approximately 3.5in. long (90mm) with a full range frequency response of 40Hz–20kHz, and is available in cardioid, hypercardioid, omnidirectional, and super-cardioid (shotgun) polar patterns. The M1245 is approximately 1.75in. long (45mm) with a frequency response of 80Hz-20kHz, and is available in cardioid, hypercardioid, and omni-directional polar patterns.

The upper end of the MicroBoom features a mini-XLR connector, which securely holds the microphone in place and also allows for easy access when changing out microphones. High-quality Mogami cable is used internally to insure the highest-quality audio signal path between the microphone and the bottom of the boom, which terminates in a mini-XLR male connector. The stand adapter designed for the MicroBoom allows for total control over the angle, rotation, and position of the carbon fiber rod. A metal thumbscrew locks the rod firmly in place. The final angle and position of the microphone is controlled by using the flexible metal gooseneck just below the microphone. The Micros are designed with a fully integrated low noise preamplifier within the barrel of the microphone housing. Therefore, no external power supply is needed, as is normally the case with electret microphones of this size. The elimination of the power supply along with the ability to “hide” the cable within the guides provided in the metal clip makes for an ultra-clean, professional, and elegant appearance.

Applications for the MicroBoom are numerous, and as with any creative tool, audio specialists will find it to be a unique problem solver. The MicroBoom is intended for use with choirs, plays, and presentations, where it offers the added convenience of being able to strategically place microphones without having to hang them in a permanent fashion. The MicroBoom is also designed to be free-standing when used in conjunction with small pedestal mic stand, providing the sound and look associated with an awards show presentation. Other applications include boardroom and conference rooms where microphones are typically built into or placed on the table. The MicroBoom provides a new approach and places the mic completely off the table, where paper shuffling and vibrations are a common complaint.

The MicroBoom is available in a wide number of models depending on which microphone and capsule are desired. Phantom power of 48V minimum is required for operation. All systems include a cast metal stand adapter, and a 25ft. mini XLR-XLR microphone cable.

For more information, contact Audix sales at (800) 966-8261, or visit the company at

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