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Aurora QXT-700

A platform-agnostic Web-server-based solution embedded with an integrated control system

Aurora’s 7in. QXT-700 quad-core HD touchpanel is a platform- agnostic Web-server-based solution embedded with an integrated control system. Featuring a 1280×800 resolution HD screen and 2D/3D graphic accelerator, the unit features a responsive GUI experience for a wide variety of environments. Equipped with a quad-core processor, PoE-enabled 1Gbps LAN port, multiple onboard RS-232/IR/Relays, as well as DIO ports, the QXT-700 is specifically designed to bring more efficient control to any conference room, classroom, or hospitality AV application. For seamless video streaming, the solution features a MPEG2/H.264 high-definition decoder while a built-in Web server accommodates iPad, Android, and MS tablet connectivity without the need to install any additional apps.

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