AV Stumpfl Products at LDI 2015

Fullwhite and VarioLock screens, Wings Engine Raw media server
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AV Stumpfl brought its lineup of products to LDI 2015 that took place Oct. 19-25 in the Las Vegas Convention Center. Fullwhite screens were demonstrated in an edge-blended multi-projector display on the AV Stumpfl USA Corp Booth 2017. The Fullwhite screen features a nearly borderless design. It comes with a range of accessories, in a number of sizes, and can be used in multiple configurations including 360-degree curved projection environments. The AV Stumpfl Monoblox is a mobile projection that is used by large-scale rental and staging companies. Its main feature is fast assembly without additional tools.

Additionally, the original VarioLock modular mobile projection screen will be shown in a variety of sizes. Both Monoblox and VarioLock are available in black anodized hardware formats.

The Wings Engine Raw also made its debut at LDI 2015. The Wings Engine Raw is a triple-stream 4K uncompressed media server that uses a custom engineered RAID 10 system. 

It provides a constant stream of 3-channels of true 4K (4,096 x 2,160 pixels) uncompressed video content at 60fps plus up to 16 text and picture layers, and up to 24 uncompressed audio streams. Removing the need for converting content into intermediate codec formats, content includes native picture sequences such as TGA or TIFF and instant PNG image format processing. The system processes and delivers video content at full 4:4:4 color sampling. 

Wings Engine Raw hosts the new WingsRX render core engine which has a 64bit program architecture and uses SSE CPU instructions to decentralize processing power. 

The system is accompanied by AV Stumpfl’s embedded operating system, Backup-Manager, with a dedicated EDID management and automatic camera based calibration system for soft-edge blending, warp, and geometry mapping, all operable by time line control.

The AV Stumpfl solid-state FHD Media Players was demonstrated alongside, Wings Avio Manger and SC Master control hardware and software. 



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