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Biamp AMP-4175R, AMP-4350R, AMP-8150R, and AMP-4300 CV Amplifiers

First fully integrated amplifiers for the Tesira platform

Biamp Systems has released its first fully integrated amplifiers for the Tesira platform. The new Tesira amplifiers encompass four 2RU models: the AMP-4175R (4-channel 175W), the AMP-4350R (4-channel 350W), the AMP-8150R (8-channel 150W), and the AMP-4300 CV (4-channel 300W). All devices come with dual AVB/TSN ports with optional analog failover cards/slots (slots can also be used for back panel I/O). Integrated system monitoring facilitates design, commissioning, and management phases, as well as allowing an operator to manage or troubleshoot a system. Each model has bridgeable channels to combine channels, a front-panel display for quick performance feedback, and front-panel adjustments to modify amplifiers locally. As part of the Tesira platform, the amplifiers can receive signal from anywhere in the audio network, increasing flexibility in sound reinforcement and distribution.

Shipping: Spring 2016

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