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At InfoComm, AV Stumpfl presented the Fullwhite Curve, a dramatic custom option for installed screens. Fullwhite Curve combines the company’s solid Fullwhite frame, which provides borderless, depthless appearance for design-driven installations, with the connections developed for the Curve screen system. Familiar to rental and staging professionals, these no-tool pin connections allow the screen to be curved to custom radiuses; additional wedge clamps are designed for gap-free alignment. AV Stumpfl offers the new screen with a range of surface options from perfect matte to coated surfaces for 3D and night vision. Custom formats, bending radiuses, sizes, and surfaces are available.

The award-winning TecVision CH1200X ALR from Draper is a grey surface with an ambient light rejection (ALR) rating of 20; the screen rejects 80 percent of the ambient lighting not being produced by the projector. Ideal for environments with high ambient lighting and controlled viewing angles, the CH1200X ALR is also a high-contrast surface with excellent black retention. The higher 1.2 gain will help brighten the image in sizes up to 67 feet wide. The CH1200X ALR is 8K-ready and Imaging Science Foundation-certified for color accuracy, so users won’t notice the blue tints present in images on many other ambient light rejecting screens. In addition, CH1200X ALR is available as a nanoperf surface for acoustical transparency, is rollable, or can be mounted to fixed frames.

The Elite Screens Aeon CLR is an edge-free fixed frame screen that uses the company’s EDGE FREE frame and StarBright CLR (Ceiling Light Reject – ing) material. Elite developed the serriform optical surface lens microstructure to negate 95% of the washout effects of ambient lighting from over – head sources while negating other forms of off-axis lighting as well. This design also claims contrast levels that are 100 times greater than that of standard matte white projection screens. The material is designed for ultra-short-throw projectors, especially where ultra-wide view – ing angles are required. Available in 90” and 100” diagonal 16:9; Active 3D, 4K, Ultra HD, and HDR ready.

The Pro Display SunScreen Ultra Short Throw front projection screen is designed specifically for the latest ultra short throw (UST) projectors (around 0.4 lens and shorter) for use in high ambient light applications, including bright daylight and even sunlight. Pro Display claims that the combination of their high contrast projection layer with a unique light-rejecting optical filter, allows images to be reproduced without the hot spotting of other screens that rely on high gain to overcome ambient light.

Screen Innovations, now on the 23rd revision of its Black Diamond screen material, demonstrated its ambitions for the commercial market at InfoComm, announcing a major update that will bring extra-large sizes to their lines. Black Diamond XL claims its unique ALR properties through microscopic stacked optical layers for 85-95% ambient light rejection. The breakthrough to larger sizes is significant—the material is now available in up to 76” in height (up from 60”) and a max 150” diagonal 16:9 (seamless). 

Having celebrated its 30th year in 2016, Severtson Screens introduces new Ambient Light Rejection (ALR) options for its Impression line (and soon to be available on other Severtson lines). Made in Arizona, like all Severtson screens, the new ALR claims a 170 degree viewing angle and is available up to 120 inches (diagonal at 16:9). With a .08 gain, it is designed for high ambient light applications. Custom and standard ALR sizes are available.

Reference-grade, made-in-the-USA manufacturer Seymour Screen Excellence is claiming to take acoustically transparent film screen technology to the next level by way of its just-introduced EnlightorNeo 4K / HDR AT film screen surface. A step-up from S-SE’s Enlightor-4K AT film screen, Neo utilizes a newly-woven pattern. Like Enlightor-4K, Neo is rated for 4K and higher resolutions and delivers enhanced dynamic range performance (HDR). Neo delivers a more matte finish (1.0 gain) and a slightly brighter look than Enlightor-4K (.9). It also has more “stretch” to it, meaning it can be pulled tauter then other A.T. surfaces, making it ideal for difficult custom applications such as motorized retractable applications. Enlightor-Neo squeezes the performance bubble more, with 0.5dB more acoustic transparency (still flat), and a whiter looking color.

Celebrating its 70th year in business, Stewart Filmscreen claims that its Phantom HALR High Ambient Light Rejection Screen combats multi-directional light for increased performance in bright environments, meeting ANSI contrast ratio specs even in a room with high ambient light and more than 50-foot candles directly on the screen. Available in seamless sizes up to 40 by 90 feet, Phantom can be configured either as a fixed frame wall screen or be rolled (and rerolled) for motorized screen configurations, making it uniquely reusable as an ALR screen. Available in Cinemaperf and Microperf X2 THX Ultra, Phantom is well suited to object-based audio environments where acoustic transparency is critical. Phantom claims clean calibration to REC 2020 or REC 709.

The development of more efficient projectors has led to Strong/MDI seeing an opportunity in black screens for those seeking to maximize their multimedia projections. The company’s BlackView rear/front projection hybrid claims enhanced color saturation, vivid color contrast, and rich blacks; black screens are also less affected by ambient light and perform exceptionally well in brightly lit rooms. For broadcast applications it is positioned as an LED diffuser, and for design-driven applications, the black surface can be a win.

The Stiletto Projection Screen from Vutec claims one of the thinnest visible bezel/frame available and is designed to resemble a premium 8K LED TV but with much larger viewing area options. The Stiletto “Floating” Edge Frame uses a premium and sturdy extruded aluminum frame with 1/16” edge border that offers maximized viewing.

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