The Buzz: Installation Spotlight: Physicians Quality Care, Jackson, Tenn.

Above and Beyond
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The Buzz: Installation Spotlight: Physicians Quality Care, Jackson, Tenn.

Dec 1, 2008 12:00 PM, Staff Report

Above and Beyond

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In addition to building a movie theater adjacent to the patient waiting room, Internally Sound outfitted a full-scale membership gym for Physicians Quality Care next to the facility. The gym features JBL Control 30 loudspeakers and LG Electronics plasma televisions, as well as a private television screen and an iPod dock for each treadmill.

When relocating to a new 10,000-square-foot building in Jackson, Tenn., Drs. Jimmy and Melanie Hoppers of Physicians Quality Care set out to provide a level of hospitality not often found in medical facilities. According to its website, Physicians Quality Care is “a completely new kind of walk-in medical clinic providing not only excellent medical care, but a one-of-a-kind ‘non-medical’ experience.”

These ambitions led the doctors to systems-integration firm Internally Sound of Milan, Tenn. — which provides audio, video, lighting, and staging services for events and facilities throughout the western Tennessee region, specializing in corporate events and house-of-worship installations. Even with more than 20 years of audio/video experience under his belt, Internally Sound co-owner Phil Jenkins found himself in uncharted waters when it came to Physicians Quality Care.

“The client wanted his patients to regard a visit to the doctor's office as something to look forward to, rather than dread, using audio/video technology to entertain patients while they wait for their examinations,” Jenkins says.

For example, Jimmy Hoppers conveyed his desire to build a movie theater adjacent to the patient waiting room — an ambitious and novel concept, to say the least. However, after the initial meeting, Jenkins (along with co-owner and his brother, Mark Jenkins) walked away confident about turning the doctor's vision into reality.

“Dr. Hoppers was very knowledgeable of the latest technology,” Jenkins says. “I didn't have to tell him what products he would need for that kind of system. He knew that he wanted a 1080p HD-resolution projector and a cinema-quality audio system.”

Internally Sound designed and installed the audio/video system for a 26-seat movie theater, which includes a Christie Digital Systems HD405 4100-lumen DLP digital projector. “They wanted to be able to run the projector 17-18 hours a day, so the projector needed to be rated for 24/7 operation,” Jenkins says. “And since patients would be walking in and out of the theater, they needed a projector with enough brightness that light would not affect the image.”

Additionally, Internally Sound installed an equally impressive audio system for the theater. Three JBL ScreenArray 4622 cinema loudspeakers are located behind a woven, acoustically transparent Vutec SoundScreen, while seven JBL 8340A high-power cinema surround loudspeakers and a JBL 4641 subwoofer make up a full surround-sound system.

Crown Audio DSi 2000 amplifiers power the 4622 loudspeakers and 4641 subwoofer, while Crown DSi 1000 amps power the 8340A units.

“We were initially concerned about being able to run the amps hot enough to get the true sound of speakers,” Jenkins says. “But the speakers are low enough wattage that it wasn't a problem. The system has worked out real well. It has unbelievable power and clarity.”

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The Buzz: Installation Spotlight: Physicians Quality Care, Jackson, Tenn.

Dec 1, 2008 12:00 PM, Staff Report

Above and Beyond

With the potential for a large number of children in the movie theater — and to easily locate waiting patients — Internally Sound installed a security camera inside the room, which can be viewed on a flatpanel monitor at the front desk. Additionally, to counter the concern of sound carrying over into the common areas, the theater is lined with a double layer of acoustically treated walls to contain the sound.

However, state-of-the-art technology at Physicians Quality Care is not limited to the movie theater. In fact, the audio atmospherics begin as patients approach the building, where eight JBL Control 30 surface-mount loudspeakers are located in flower beds.

“I was concerned with the audio system on the outside of the building because we didn't want to disturb another row of businesses that are located about 50ft. away,” Jenkins says. “So we down-tilted the Control 30s a bit, and since they are full-range speakers, we can run them at lower levels and still get high-quality sound. Tilting them down also provides the added benefit of keeping the rain from getting inside the speakers.”

In case there is any doubt that Physicians Quality Care goes above and beyond the call of duty in the treatment of its patients, Internally Sound also installed a full-scale membership gym next to the facility. The gym, called Boomers, features a television screen on every treadmill that not only receives cable programming, but is also equipped with an iPod dock, allowing gym-goers to listen to music or watch videos while they exercise. Inside the workout space, each of the six JBL Control 30 loudspeakers are connected to XM satellite radio and zoned for discrete control, along with large LG Electronics plasma televisions in each corner of the room.

“Just like retail outlets and restaurants utilize audio/video technology to create a relaxing environment, Physicians Quality Care has applied the same methodology to healthcare,” Jenkins says. “I can't say anyone ever looks forward to visiting the doctor, but showing a willingness to invest in patients' comfort goes a long way.”

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