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Calibre Unveils New Vantage-HD Video Scaler/Switcher

Calibre Unveils New Vantage-HD Video Scaler/Switcher

Apr 3, 2006 8:00 AM

Calibre’s new Vantage-HD video scaler incorporates the Silicon Optix Realta HQV video processing engine. In converting standard-definition NTSC material from 480i interlaced to 1080p HD, the Realta HQV engine uses multiple-fields pixel-by-pixel analysis; 1024-tap scaling; HQV detail enhancement; and HQV random, block, and mosquito noise reduction. Realta HQV is software programmable and upgradeable.

For HD material, Realta HQV features 10-bit processing, automatic multi-cadence detection, and four-field-per-pixel de-interlacing. HQV processes all 2 million pixels of a 1080i signal—in both odd and even fields—to preserve the detail in an HD scene.

Suggested retail price of the Vantage-HD scaler/switcher is $2,900.

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