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CASE STUDY: AAA, Minneapolis

In order to inspire Auto Club members waiting in its main lobby, AAA Minneapolis deployed a large video wall in support of its iTravel Advisor travel agency. In addition to beautiful travel imagery and advertising, the video wall also incorporates continuously updated data feeds including headlines, social media feeds, and weather and traffic information.

This array of content is delivered through nine BrightSign media players. Carousel Digital Signage Software from Tightrope Media Systems enables seamless connectivity to any number of external sources and ensures reliable display of real-time data feeds on the 13ft.x4in. wide, 8ft.x6in. tall video wall.

AAA’s iTravel Advisor travel agency offers travel packages, among other travel-related services. With 205,000 overall members, many of whom visit headquarters at least once a year, the video wall allows the travel agency to reach a much broader audience, while also providing a platform for sponsors.

“Travel is a visual industry, and the beautiful photos and videos we use get people far more excited than print ads can achieve,” said Linda Snyder, vice president, travel and retail services for AAA Minneapolis. “From the moment visitors walk in the door, they see fantastic pictures such as cruise ships in blue oceans with colorful fish swimming around. It’s very stunning to take in, and we find that dwell times are considerable — an important point since the video wall is advertising-supported.”

Snyder points to flexible scheduling and reporting features as key Carousel benefits, given that content is often changing and sponsors want assurance that their ads are reaching consumers. “Our corporate marketing department appreciates Carousel’s userfriendly interface, with intuitive scheduling, templates, and other productivity enhancing features,” said Snyder. “If our travel vendors and partners want to see how much screen-time their products or services received, Carousel lets us print out a detailed, up-to-date report for them.”

“Carousel brings exceptional ease of use to the creation and management side, while BrightSign brings a compact form factor with exceptional visual quality and reliability,” said Brian Krisko, vice president of services, Tierney Brothers of Minnesota, which installed the video wall as part of a larger facility upgrade. “We never encounter hardware problems, and playout failures simply do not happen. The screens are always up and performing as expected.”

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