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Clear-Com V32LD and V16LDE

Clear-Com has released two new V-Series Lever Key-Panels: a 32-key intercom panel (V32LD) and a 16-key expansion panel (V16LDE). The new panels offer higher key density and advanced programmability in the same panel space as the current models. The new V-Series lever key panels provide 33 percent more lever keys in a 2RU intercom panel and 1RU expansion panel without compromising on label display or other features. There are now three main lever keypanel types: a 1RU with 12 keys, a 2RU with 32 keys, and a portable desktop unit with 12 keys, as well as a 16-key expansion panel for greater capacity. Effectively, it is now possible for a user to access 48, 64, 80, or 96 keys using up to four expansion panels. Eight named shift pages provide additional key labels on the main panel to quickly allow the panel change configuration for different set-ups. In addition, there are four new programmable Function buttons that can be used to immediately access advanced system functions such as Key, IFB, Partyline, and Group assignment. Located on the front of the panel, the Function buttons enable faster execution of common panel operations or advanced level operations available in the Eclipse HX systems.

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