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Marshall Electronics + MXL Microphones

This combo is a complete audiovisual solution for virtual education applications. Since the classroom has gone virtual, Marshall and MXL have re-introduced a range of user-friendly, high-performing cameras and microphones for remote use. These include the Marshall CV503-U3 camera and MXL’s AC-44 microphone. Using capture device drivers already built into Mac, PC, laptop and Linux systems, the Marshall CV503-U3 camera is software agnostic and integrates into any video conference, streaming, or computer video capture soft codecs. It features a wide-angle 2.8mm lens producing a 90° horizontal angle-of-view. MXL’s AC-44 microphone is ideal for a classroom, lecture hall, or remote settings, allowing students to actively listen and participate throughout a lesson. With its three capsule design and 180˚ pickup arc, educators can rest assured pristine audio is being captured. Additional USB solutions include the CV610-UB HD PTZ camera and the MXL AC-404 and AC-360 microphones.

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