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MXL Zoom Room Speaker Switch System

MXL debuted this multi-mic audio tracking system in October at the third-annual Zoomtopia 2019, Zooms user conference. The new system uses three MXL AC-44 compact USB microphones and harnesses Zoom’s audio tracking software to coordinate with an integrated camera that focuses in on speakers. It will integrate with select Zoom-certified cameras for a heightened collaborative conferencing experience. The bundle consists of a three-microphone array utilizing MXL’s new AC-44 miniature USB microphone, which has an extra-small footprint, (measuring only 2.5” x 3”). The three AC-44s will be positioned in a [L]eft, [R]ight, and [C]enter arrangement that automatically tracks to wherever each speaker is located. The integrated camera then focuses in on each speaker’s location based on the audio signals, creating a more dynamic and impactful Zoom conferencing experience. The AC-44 uses MXL’s signature three-capsule boundary design to create a small microphone with a wide pickup arc, which makes it ideal for huddle room and conferencing applications. The MXL Zoom Rooms Speaker Switch System will come with an additional 4-port USB extension hub for easy set up and operation.

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