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NEC InfinityBoard

This platform from NEC was the company’s response to the need for a good viewing experience with the latest applications for sharing, reviewing and editing content. NEC sees the future of offices as team-focused open areas, reinforced with technology. They see zones for people to gather and for them to interact with media, data, and remote co-workers. They see a need for a consistency of platform so that users can focus on conferencing, brainstorming, reviewing and collaborating on a platform that feels consistent for everyone.

InfinityBoard is open, modular and software-agnostic; it integrates with any VC platform of their choice, such as GoToMeeting, Zoom or Microsoft Teams, and can integrate with their choice of software. It’s a flexible platform supported by a Windows 10 Professional computer that can be tailored by the integrator to the customers’ requirements and preferred software. As a modular solution available in 55-, 75-, and 86-inch sizes, as single or dual screen, it can be deployed with a variety of camera positioning, mounting options, height adjustment, and audio support. For ease of installation, the OPS slot-in PC can be set up and configured ahead of installation. The embedded PC can easily be upgraded at any time.

The InfinityBoard platform includes a full license of Mosaic Connect wireless, presentation tool. With Mosaic Connect, multiple presenters can wirelessly share video and document content from any device to the NEC InfinityBoard. It works securely with any network configuration, including corporate Wi-Fi, guest Wi-Fi, mobile data, a hotspot or any combination. In addition every Mosaic Connect meeting is protected by a unique ID, 4-digit PIN and is encrypted end to end.

The compatible FlatFrog Whiteboard combined with FlatFrog InGlass touch technology provides a unique combination of high-performing pen, touch and object differentiation capabilities on the NEC InfinityBoard, simulating an analog whiteboard with the ability to save, share, send to printer and import and manipulate images. The compatible Huddly Camera Application allows control of the InifinityBoard camera view. The compatible Hoylu Inspiration Suite enables team brainstorming, process planning, project ideation and markup and rich group.

InfinityBoard also integrates with the Sennheiser TeamConnect wireless microphone and the Phoenix Audio Condor Beamforming Microphone array. NEC support and integrated three-year warranties apply to multi-device/app packages.

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