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Philips LED 6000

The new 8K Philips 6000 Series direct view LED range from PPDS is designed for upscale corporate experiences. These 16:9 or 32:9 displays support bezel-free installations of any shape, size, or resolution for meeting rooms, boardroom, auditoriums, and lobbies. The displays are available in three 27” landscape panels, with native 16:9 resolution, and three-pixel pitch variants – 1.26 (27BDL6112L), 1.583 (27BDL6115L), and 1.9 (27BDL6119L). Refresh rates are 1920~3840 Hz with visibility up to 22 feet at almost any front-facing angle (up to 160 degrees). Precalibration brightness is 750 units (650nits calibrated). With PPDS’ trademark modular design, users can adapt the display to any indoor environment, regardless of room size or shape – whether a traditional 16:9 videowall, 32:9 widescreen, or a custom array flowing around doorways and other openings. Installation is designed to be simple with connecting, locking cabinets, front-facing access, and innovative installation and removal tools. The series range has received BS476-7 class 1 certification for all three-pixel pitches.

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