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Wireless Presentation Tools

The new Aten PresentON 4K wireless presentation switchers support BYOD content sharing during meetings. The range includes two models: the VP2020 (4K Wireless Presentation Switch) and the VP2021 (4K Wireless Presentation Switch with QuadView). The units allow content to be shared from laptops or mobile devices via a mobile app, PC software, internet browser, Air Play, or Google Cast. Mutiview presentation allows up to four sources to be shared wirelessly in full screen, side-by-side, or, for the VP2021, in quad view layout. Auto layout projection means the presentation layout is switched automatically whenever a new signal is detected. USB touch back allows for seamless operation of a presentation directly from a connected touchscreen or mouse. Moderator Mode allows presenter to control and manage content shared by other participants. A 3.5 mm audio output and PoE are included. Collaboration tools include screen capture, annotation and, for the VP2021, whiteboard on screen. Remote view (via app) allows remote participants to view the main presentation from their own device.

The Atlona AT-WAVE 101 Wireless Presentation Platform combines native wireless connectivity with BYOD applications. Designed for easy content sharing from iOS, Android, Mac, Chromebook, and Windows devices, the WAVE-101 lets up to four presenters display their content on screen simultaneously in dynamically adapting layouts. The WAVE-101 directly supports all popular, device-native, wireless casting protocols including AirPlay, Google Cast, and Miracast. This enables ad hoc presentations with no prior setup required. Content encryption and randomly-generated PIN codes – displayed on the WAVE-101 welcome screen – ensure secure wireless sharing. The WAVE-101 features a patent-pending, Dynamic Layout Mode that automatically adapts the on-screen layout for up to four participants when a new content source is added, a presenter disconnects from the system, or a connected mobile device is rotated between portrait and landscape. The compact device can be installed discreetly near a display for easy, ad hoc content sharing or used in conjunction with a switcher to enhance a new or existing AV system with wireless, multi-participant BYOD connectivity. Multiple WAVE-101 devices can be remotely configured, monitored, and managed over the network through the free Atlona Management System (AMS) software, part of the company’s Velocity System AV control and management platform.

The brand-new AV Access eShare W50 presentation system supports both wired and wireless connection. Users can easily share their PC screen via HDMI/ USB-C port on the rear panel of the system device, or cast contents from their laptop, smartphone or iPad via AirPlay/Miracast/Dongle. Supporting up to [email protected] video input and output, the eShare W50 presentation system allows users to present every detail with ultra-HD. With no software or driver required, it blocks the potential entry points for viruses, spyware, and other external threats. And the USB-C dongle is guest-friendly, with no software needed. Also, the eShare W50 wireless presentation system is designed with 3x USB 3.0 port. The data transfer rate can reach up to 5Gbp/s, 10 times faster than USB 2.0. It can work with a 4K webcam, speakerphone, touch screen, and other USB 3.0 conference devices.

The AVer AW200 4K Wireless Presentation System is designed for sharing content in conference rooms or as a standalone wireless presentation system in an existing network with no software required. It includes a main receiver and two transmitter pods that enable wireless or wired streaming of media at up to 4K resolution with WPA2-PSK Wi-Fi security. It offers one-button support for various HDMI and Mini DisplaPort devices and is compatible with AirPlay and Google Cast, supporting four input sources in split screen mode.

The new Barco 2nd gen ClickShare Conference CX-50 offers dualscreen support, allowing one screen to be dedicated to remote participants during video meetings, where they remain visible thanks to the smart meeting flows of the ClickShare App. Just like the entire ClickShare Conference range, the CX50 works with any device, any videoconferencing platform, any peripheral, and in any type of meeting room. The ClickShare CX-50 second generation also adds native interoperability to fixed room system set-ups by enabling automatic switching between Room mode and BYOM mode. Connectivity options are simplified, with a single USB-C cable between the Base Unit and room display to power the device and send video output to the display. IT managers are also able to meet strict internal security policies with both a wireless and wired alternative. It is also claimed as one of the first carbon-neutral wireless conferencing solutions; the units are fabricated form recycled non-paint plastics.

The Biamp Modena Hub is a wireless presentation hub that supports the new ways in which people are accustomed to working. Ideal for BYOD and BYOC spaces, Modena Hub allows participants to connect to meeting room AV equipment and USB accessories wirelessly, as well as enabling any participant to wirelessly receive its AV streams during a video conferencing session. Modena Hub supports most UC software and hardware devices, while enabling the user to wirelessly share content with other meeting participants. Modena Hub also connects to AV peripherals via USB and HDMI and can support multiple USB devices via a standard USB hub or by connecting a Devio SCR-20 or SCR-25.

The Black Box Coalesce Professional Wireless Presentation System is an all-in-one scalable videoconferencing and wireless presentation system that lets remote teams collaborate like they’re in one room. It extends upon the functionality of the popular Coalesce Meeting Place Edition (MPE). Coalesce Professional features include splash screen customization and central deployment/ management. Coalesce is dongle-free and security-minded, existing outside the corporate network with a multi-layer protocol with high bit length encryption and a PIN option.

The ClearOne COLLABORATE PRO consolidates conferencing, collaboration, whiteboarding, and communication with integrated screen sharing, dual display, and contact lists from any device wirelessly. The integrated COLLABORATE Spontania cloud collaboration platform is designed to be straightforward, scalable, and easily administered. Interactive whiteboarding, capture, recording, and streaming are supported over any standard network.

The newest products in the Crestron AirMedia Presentation Systems include the AM-3100 Receiver, AM-3200 Receiver, and the AM-TX3- 100 Connect adapter. The AM-3100 Receiver is an entry-level option that supports wireless presentation on the secure AirMedia network. It’s intended for smaller applications such as huddle spaces, education, and stand-up spaces. The AM-3200 Receiver, an updated version of the legacy AirMedia device, brings additional features, including an audio output for interfacing with room audio, DUAL LAN network, HDMI input to support wired and wireless presentation on a single room system, and RS232 and IR ports for built-in display control. The AM-TX3-100 Connect adapter enables wireless sharing without cables or connection to an enterprise network. It eases the sharing process for guest presenters, who can easily connect and present without the need to download software or connect to the network. Crestron’s newest bundle has also been announced—it includes the Crestron AirMedia and Jabra PanaCast 50 video bar for hybridfirst meetings.

The Epson Let’s share ELPWP10 and ELPWP20 enable wireless connection to any flat panel or projector display via the wireless transmitters, Epson’s iProjection app or Miracast, from any source laptop/mobile device. Security is ensured via AES-128 encryption. The ELPWP10 connects any source device directly to a select range of Epson laser display solutions, with users simply plugging the wireless transmitter into their laptop. Other mobile devices can also be connected using the iProjection app. Both the ELPWP10 and the ELPWP20 allow content to be displayed from four different devices simultaneously, making content sharing a seamless experience.

The Extron ShareLink 250 Series Wireless Collaboration Gateway enables anyone to present content from a laptop, smartphone, or tablet on a shared display. ShareLink technology provides simultaneous presentation of different types of content from up to four personal devices. The gateway is available in two models: the ShareLink 250 W wireless model includes an integrated dual-band wireless access point (WAP) to create a stand-alone wireless collaboration and presentation system or to add wireless capabilities to a more traditional wired solution. The ShareLink 200 N network-version does not include a WAP, and works in concert with a facility’s existing wireless network.

The Intel Unite system allows users to create a scalable conferencing solution with a standard PC—so long as that PC is an Intel I5 or better for the advanced video encoding features it provides. It was conceived with features that make it well suited to a contactless world. The platform’s remote capabilities, either through Protected Guest Access or a UC such as Webex, connect users across physical distances. The Intel Unite software is also open platform, which allows participants to use their own device to share content utilizing several standard UC apps.

Kramer VIA 4th generation wireless content collaboration platform addresses the new needs of today’s hybrid world and smooths integration into IT environments. The newly designed VIA 4.0 interface simplifies joining meetings; participants are connected through the secured VIA hotspot and other collaboration devices, and when the session ends, the presenter and presented content are automatically disconnected, ensuring data privacy and security.

Lifesize Share supports real-time screen sharing for meetings, digital signage, and whiteboards from mobile devices in real-time, allowing users to play a video and control presentations from personal mobile devices.

The MaxHub P22MB Smart Lectern podium incorporates wireless connectivity, eliminating many of the cables typically encountered in meeting/presentation environments. From the podium, presenters can control their entire presentation system, including the integrated lectern microphones. This is accomplished via the podium’s innovative 21.5-inch interactive touchscreen. With this display, presenters have full control of their Microsoft PowerPoint presentation. Right from the screen, they can annotate important points without having to use a mouse. The P22MB podium also features pre-installed whiteboarding and collaboration software, along with wireless sharing that enables a laptop to be easily included in the presentation.

The Panasonic PressIT Wireless Presentation System is a plug-and-play wireless presentation system for sharing content between different PCs. Attendees simply connect the transmitter button to their PC’s USB and HDMI ports and press the button to share their content on the room’s display. No network setup, software, or driver installation is required. PressIT allows up to four presenters at a time to display visual and audio content. There are two versions: basic with the set-top-box, or cable-less with the SDM receiver. The SDM receiver was designed to fit perfectly inside the Intel SDM expansion slot of the displays. For displays and projectors without an SDM slot for the receiver, a set-top-box version can be connected to the device.

Audinate’s Silex lineup includes the Silex Z-1 wireless presentation appliance. With no accessory, or application installation, it supports AirPlay for iOS/macOS, Google Cast for Android/ChromeOS, Runtime Application for Windows Pairing mode, Distribution mode, and Screen sharing mode for Windows.

In a wireless presentation world, the Sony Pro BRAVIA displays have mirroring capabilities, Chromecast built-in, and Apple AirPlay2, offering wireless connection from a user’s device and allowing participants to simply control, stream and share content. With screen sizes of up to 85 inches and slim, impactful 4K displays, even the people at the back can see the detail—perfect for socially distanced meeting rooms. The FWA-CE100 USB camera can be mounted easily on BRAVIA displays, capturing finely detailed Full HD video and highly directional sound in meeting rooms and huddle spaces. With optional WQ-BM1 Meeting Room software, the FWA-CE100 offers an all-in-one video conferencing solution for business, so wireless presentations are also available at their best to attendees on the far end of a video conference. A professional accent can be added to meetings by displaying a corporate logo, welcome message, or web page, together with the name of the room, booking schedule, and other information, and wirelessly share screenshots, pointer movements, and hand-drawn annotations between display and devices using the Meeting client app.

The TEKVOX ShareView Wireless Pro System (79060-WPSPro) for wireless BYOD is built on the ShareView Wireless Presentation System for sharing content wirelessly. Designed to provide BYOD videoconferencing, the plug-and-play system requires no software downloads. Up to four people can present simultaneously. It features USB passthrough so that connected laptops can utilize USB cameras, microphones, or speaker bars connected to the base unit. The ShareView Wireless Pro comes with two small HMDI or USB-C hardware transmitters which sit on the tabletop and connect the system to a laptop. The new system supports 4K resolutions as well as connection via AirPlay for Apple devices and the free WirelessMedia2 app for Android devices.

WolfVision Cynap Pure Pro supports AirPlay, Miracast, and Chromecast screen mirroring, so no apps, buttons, dongles, or extra software are needed when sharing content from any smartphone, laptop, or tablet.

At ISE 23, Yamaha announced a partnership with ScreenBeam to combine the Yamaha ADECIA Microphone and Speaker Solution with the ScreenBeam 1100 Plus for a turnkey wireless collaboration solution. The ADECIA Microphone and Speaker Solution is a complete communications solution for meeting spaces or classroom audio that auto-configures and auto-tunes to the room. The ScreenBeam 1100 Plus wireless display enables easy connectivity to in-room peripherals such as cameras, microphones, and speakers, eliminating the need for dongles or cables. Yamaha products tested for compatibility with ScreenBeam include the RM-CG Dante-enabled Ceiling Microphone, the RM-TT Dante-enabled Tabletop Microphone, the RM-W Dante-enabled Wireless Microphone, and the CS-800 Video Sound Bar.

Yealink RoomCast works with Yealink Wireless Presentation Pod, Miracast, AirPlay, and Google Cast, realizing 4K ultra HD multi-sharing experience and supporting collaboration features including whiteboard, annotation, and intuitive remote control as well. It supports 4K/60fps performance, compact design, and options for PoE or DC power supply.


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