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Yamaha UC CS-800

As we go to press Yamaha announced the CS-800 Video Sound Bar. An all-in-one, Zoom-certified system, the CS-800 integrates the microphone, speaker, auto-framing camera, and video output (HDMI) required for remote conference into one device that can be wall, table-top or display mounted. The CS-800 combines Yamaha’s renowned audio processing with new intelligent video technology. SoundCap Eye takes information from the multi-dimensional beamforming Hexa-Microphone array and positioning information from the video to focus audio capture on meeting participants. With audio volume controls and three optimization modes, the CS-800 is ideal for open space meeting environments. Yamaha also announced the CS-500 which combines a microphone, camera, and video output (HDMI), to utilize the speaker of the connected display (Yamaha or third-party speakers).

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