Crestron Avia DSP-1281

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Crestron Avia DSP-1281

The Crestron Avia family of digital signal processors supports any meeting space, performance venue, courtroom, sports facility, or house of worship. Most common audio DSP products on the market come in two basic forms—fixed layout or fully-configurable. One offers out-of-the-box readiness with limited flexibility while the other is best suited for use by advanced-level audio engineers who desire a fully custom signal path. Crestron accommodates both by employing a flexible architecture using customizable channel strips and matrix mixing. The channel strips in the DSP-1281 are composed of a selection of essential signal processing objects that are ready to use and logically arranged for optimal functionality. Fully-adjustable matrix mixing enables complete customization of the signal flow, allowing inputs to be mixed in any combination and routed to any of the outputs. Eight internal auxiliary busses are included to allow any of the inputs to be mixed and processed as a subgroup.




DSP & Dante

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Crestron Mercury

Crestron is now shipping the Crestron Mercury, a meeting and collaboration solution that combines conferencing and collaboration features with the fast, secure cloud provisioning and management required by IT managers. Mercury enables users to securely present content wirelessly more

Crestron AM-100 AirMedia PRESENTATION Gateway

We placed the Crestron AM-100 AirMedia Presentation Gateway at the main office of Electrosonic in Burbank. My thanks to Dave Taylor and Will Guest for their expertise and the considerable time and thought they put into evaluating the product. Thanks also to Crestron product more


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