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Crestron Highlights “Every Room Connected”

Crestron Highlights “Every Room Connected”

Feb 2, 2006 8:00 AM

Crestron delivers a complete control and connectivity solution for every room, every application, and every budget. Crestron recently introduced the iMedia product family for basic projector control that allows every room in a facility to be on a single platform with integrated control. With a broad range of products, from its signature line of advanced control systems to MediaManager solutions (QuickMedia and iMedia), Crestron offers solutions for every boardroom, auditorium, and basic classroom in your facility.

Whether an established PRO2 or AV2 controller, or a QuickMedia or iMedia receiver, every Crestron product features its exclusive e-Control communications platform so every room is seamlessly connected and completely integrated. Using any PC on the LAN or WAN, Crestron’s RoomView software provides realtime remote control and management of all rooms; devices; and subsystems such as AV, lighting, and HVAC. System expansion is easy; every room and each device is simply another node on the network throughout the building, across the campus, or around the globe.

From infrastructure to interfaces, Crestron offers the power of total integrated control and connectivity throughout the entire facility. Whether you are controlling a complex auditorium with advanced Crestron controllers, a mid-level boardroom with QuickMedia, a basic classroom with iMedia, or even a third-party legacy system, Crestron provides a single integrated platform connecting every room.

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